Retirement Living Options for Seniors

As a senior, there are various retirement living options that aim at ensuring you spend your retirement years in a safe and comfortable environment. This excerpt evaluates some housing options available for seniors.

Independent living

Independent living refers to retirement communities where seniors live in their own homes. It may be an apartment or a neighbourhood that is specially designed for seniors. Retirement communities are beneficial in that they make it easy for you to socialise with other seniors. Seniors in these communities form interest clubs such as book clubs and charity clubs where they nurture their interests. Some senior apartments have housekeeping staff who run errands for the seniors and assist in house chores. 

Retirement villages

Retirement villages refer to independent living facilities designed for seniors. In a retirement village, seniors pay a membership fee to enjoy facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and libraries. Some retirement villages also have staff to provide specialised services such as cooking and doing laundry. However, seniors have to pay to enjoy these services. Retirement villages also have medical personnel that monitor residents' health and respond to emergencies. 

Nursing homes

Another common over 55 living facility is nursing homes. These are best suited for seniors with chronic illnesses such as Parkinson's disease, dementia, arthritis, or Alzheimer's disease that require frequent medical attention. In a nursing home, seniors are under the supervision of skilled nurses who monitor their health and ensure they take their medication. Most nursing homes have a resident doctor to respond to emergencies. They also have a physiotherapist to help the seniors' in exercise activities. Nursing homes have recreation rooms where seniors can socialise. 

Assisted living

Assisted living is best suited for seniors who cannot live independently due to old age or illness. In an assisted living facility, seniors can either live alone or choose to share accommodation facilities. These facilities have a staff to clean, feed, and dress seniors who cannot perform such activities. Most facilities work closely with health care providers who make routine visits to the facility to monitor the health of residents. They also have recreation centres where seniors can socialise or play age-friendly games such as chess. 

Before choosing a facility, evaluate your needs, finances, and the amount of comfort you require. Choose a facility where your loved ones can regularly visit you. 

Seniors have an array of retirement living facilities to choose from including independent living, retirement villages, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.