Retirement Living Options for Seniors

As a senior, there are various retirement living options that aim at ensuring you spend your retirement years in a safe and comfortable environment. This excerpt evaluates some housing options available for seniors. Independent living Independent living refers to retirement communities where seniors live in their own homes. It may be an apartment or a neighbourhood that is specially designed for seniors. Retirement communities are beneficial in that they make it easy for you to socialise with other seniors.

Is a Purpose-Built Simulation the Future of Dementia Care?

Australia is about to get a specialised aged care facility catering to those affected by dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Korongee village in Tasmania is essentially a model living environment, offering a type of hyperreality which allows the residents to move about freely in an artificially created environment that they're comfortable with, while still remaining safe and under supervision. If successful, the model and practices employed at Korongee village could be replicated at other sites across Australia, though the Australian version is largely based on an existing Dutch facility.

Why Retirement Villages Are Great for Seniors Looking for Love

Are you a senior looking for love? If so, you may be wondering just how to find it and make it work. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, dating isn't as easy for the older generation as it is for the younger one. However, moving into a retirement community could solve the problems many over-55s deal with on the dating scene. Here are 3 reasons why moving into a retirement village will help your love life.

Planning To Move Into A Residential Care Facility? Know The Costs

There comes a time in life when the body ages and it can no longer function as it once did. Major parts of the body such as the back start to ache and you discover that you can no longer do your daily house chores.  When it comes to such a point, don't gamble with your life. Move into a residential care, relax, and let other people take care of your needs.

Private home care for patients with early-onset Alzheimer's Disease

Patients with Alzheimer's can have complex care needs. Often the disease can seem to peak and flow, with the patient having some lucid moments in between times when they are confused, upset or unwell. Private home care can help patients to stay at home for as long as possible, which can be particularly valuable for early-onset patients (where symptoms start before 65) who often have family who want to spend as many moments with them as possible before the disease progresses to a point they don't recognise family.